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This category includes a wide selection of drilling machines for flat and massive furniture. Considering the size and number of workpieces, coordinates between drill holes, and drill-hole diameter, we propose the optimal solution and, if necessary, an upgrade with additional components. For more information please send us a request for quotation.
The first step to the solution is choosing the right drill head, which will define the position of the drill hole. To cover all requirements we choose the most appropriate drill head types.
If the above does not meet the client’s requirements, an entirely new approach is needed to implement the solution. This usually involves a custom-made product that is in line with the newest developments on the market, especially in terms of design or operation. The machine is adapted to the workpiece material (wood, aluminium, steel, plastic, etc.), the cutting speed, feed rate and the form of the workpiece being of utmost importance. Next step is an appropriate solution of placing the element on the machine, fixating or clamping, transport to and from the machine, waste removal etc. Another key concern at this point is to modulate an appropriate drill head definition.
They are key for our production of these kind of machines. Depending on power needed you can choose between 5 and 75 kW. The power depends on what the machine is going to do, some of the possibilities being bonding, veneering, bending and drying. The presses are dimensionally designed according to workpiece dimensions. The cross-section of glued timber the adhesive surface are critical in determining the necessary power when it comes to laminating or edge gluing. On the other hand, other parameters must be considered for bendi”ng, drying and veneering.
While regularly producing new machinery, we also recognise the need to restore or upgrade second-hand machines. Apart from our machines we also repair and upgrade machines by other manufacturers. Most of them are serviced by replacing parts with our high-quality drill heads or through other modifications according to our customers’ requirements.


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