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Specific dowel-hole drilling machine: VS-5-special
 Our own production of machinery components nowadays enables us to produce standard machinery as well as dowel hole-boring machinery, a constructional production according to customers’ made-to-measure and demands.

The individual standard machine can have certain technical characteristics changed, such as:
  • axial distance between spindles
  • number of spindles on drilling head
  • the manner of spindle clamping
  • drilling stroke
  • engine power
  • additional boring aggregates
Tell us your wishes, needs and goals you wish to achieve as regards your boring operations in your production. To give proper information we need to see plans of the workpieces, short description of the purpose and usage of the machine, and production capacities you want to achieve with it. With the help of professional and highly qualified experts we will produce the machine to meet your requirements in minimum time.



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