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Drilling and dowel-inserting machine MZ-29
  • This machine is designed for automatic drilling, glue injecting and dowel inserting into furniture elements in the furniture industry, where high precision and productivity are required.
  • Machine is equipped with a drilling unit, glue inserting unit and a dowel inserting unit.
    •      The drilling unit is completed with one horizontal drilling head with 29 spindles with the standard centre distance of 32mm.
    •         Glue inserting unit with 6 injectors, water and glue tanks.
    •         A unit for inserting dowels in dimensions of 6/8/10 or 12 mm and length between 25 and 60 mm.
  • Certain technical characteristics of the machine can be adjusted to meet customer's specification, such as axial distance between spindles, no. of spindles, the manner of drill chuck clamping, drilling stroke, engine power etc.


Special drilling heads with axial distances according to customer’s demands.



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