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Thorough-feed drilling machine K111
  • A highly productive and a precise automatic dowel hole-drilling machine K111  is designed for  a simultaneous/successive horizontal and 2-sided vertical drilling of panels and other furniture elements.
  • Machine is equipped with an automatic belt conveyer, positioning and clamping units, enabling independent operation of the machine or its operation in line with other machinery.
  • Standard version of the machine has more drilling units. Each unit is equipped with two 11-spindle drilling heads with a 32 mm axial distance. Turn round of vertical drilling heads is possible in any angle from 0º to 90º.
  • Certain technical characteristics of the machine can be adjusted to meet customer's specification, such as axial distance between spindles, number of spindles, the manner of drill chuck clamping, drilling stroke, engine power etc.


  • Numerical controlled (NC) adjustment of vertical supports (x-axe) and boring heads (y-axe).
  • Enlargment of the working field of the machine.
  • Special drilling heads with special axial distances according to customer’s demands.
  • Hopper feed for narrow and long work pieces.
  • Horizontal drilling units with spitted drilling heads.
  • Additional drilling aggregate on the upper support.


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